"Our first and only experience taking our car in for diagnosis of some car problems was a good one. The car care manager, Bill, was very thorough and did a very good job in our opinion. Bottom line, I am planning to take my car there in the future."    - Arthur D.

"They had my 98 Chevy Blazer, and even though they had to deal with my warranty company I had it back in a week. I'm taking my Grand Am there next month! "    - Llaudio

"I called Transmissions by Lucille as a last ditch effort to get the master cylinder replaced on my beat up old Nissan Sentra. My previous mechanic had botched the job and constantly told me there was no problem. 

Bill, the new owner who took over after the original Lucille retired, treated me like an old customer with a long history at the place. He was honest, helpful and, best of all, quick. They did the job in just over an hour and, on top of that, fixed the cruise control as well.

All the mechanics there were extremely nice, very professional, and completely honest.

One of the hardest things, as a single woman, is to find a mechanic you can trust. I've only had one experience with the people at Transmissions by Lucille, but if the first time is any indication, I think I can recommend them to other women. "    - SF. C.

"I have been taking my cars to Bill at Lucille's for 4 years and have always been very satisfied. I've had some really difficult to diagnose problems ( 3 separate issues to be precise) that other garages had thrown in the towel on but Lucille's kept at it, He was figured it out, fixed it, and charged me way less than what any other garage was going to charge me. They are on top of all the service bulletins and if they don't know what's wrong they'll find a way to learn about it and figure it out. They like what they do and it shows. I am confident that they will always be fair and honest with me. Thumbs up. "    - Gravy D.

"I took my car to ***** on Friday…telling them that I needed it back by Monday to drive back to Wilmington, DE where I live. [They] called a couple of hours later saying that it needed a basic transmission overhaul [for] $1500.

" I took the car to Transmissions by Lucille. [John] and his technician suggested I look at the catalytic converter. With the cost of the maintenance items that were required or overdue and the catalytic converter (installed), the total was $625. For the $1500 that ***** was charging, none of these things would have been fixed.Transmissions by Lucille saved me a significant amount of wasted time and money! "    - Bill S.