lucille trganowan holding a large wrench

About Us

Lucille Traganowan

In 1974 Lucille Treganowan opened Transmissions by Lucille. At the time she was known as "American's Most Trusted Mechanic."

The New York Times called Lucille "An unflappable, khaki-clad grandmother who also happens to be an award-wining automotive expert."

Dependable quality and excellent automotive repair service is how Lucille built her business. And now that Lucille is retired, great value and honest answers are the keys to our continued success.

Transmission failure is often the result of neglect to service the transmission on a regular basis. This is why we spend so much time advising our customers how important it is to perform regular transmission fluid services and have it checked by a transmission professional.

There are many shops that can perform a transmission service, but only a transmission remanufacturing specialist will be trained to spot the signs of possible problems and head them off early. In fact many of our customers are happy to say, we were able to get their transmission back on the road with small repairs rather than an overhaul!

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